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What is the format of the tournaments?

Tournaments are random draw tournaments. You must be a member of the ABA to fish the tournaments and you can join at the day of the tournament. It is preferred that you preregister with either the ABA or the director prior to the tournament. You can also post a reply to the message board.

If you bring your boat then you will use your boat except in the case where the permit limit has been reached. If you come without a boat then you will be a nonboater. Nonboaters will select at random to determine their boater for the day.

Starting order for the boats will be by random draw.

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What are the fees?

The entry and late fees for the tournament are set by the national ABA office. The entry fee is $70 starting Jan 2007, which includes lunker. The late fee is $5. The national office charges $2.75 ($3.00 for late registrations) to register on-line. There is no late fee if you have preregistered at least 10 days in advance, your ABA membership indicates "no late fees", or are joining or renewing at the ramp. All option pot monies are collected at the ramp and are separate from the entry and late fees.

Some facilities charge a ramp fee. The boater pays this fee. Ramp fees are collected at the ramp. It is suggested that the nonboater share this cost with the boater.

We also have 2 optional pots. We are reviewing whether to continue to have a split lunker pot that is $10 to enter since the 2007 entry fee includes a lunker payout. The lunker payout only goes to the largest fish in the tournament. If we continue to have the lunker pool, then the largest largemouth and smallmouth will each receive half of the lunker pot. If only one species is weighed in then all of the pot will go to the angler catching the largest fish. The lunker pool would be in addition to the lunker payout. The other optional pot is the "First Loser Pool". This is a pool that pays the first angler that is out of the  payout schedule. For example, if the tournament pays down 2 positions, then the 3rd finisher will receive the "First Loser Pool" pot amount.

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Why is it important to preregister?

Preregistering  is needed since the permits and facilities have limited boater slots available. We do not want to turn anyone away so we need everyone's help to preregister well in advance. While normally not a problem, we need to make sure that there are enough boats for nonboaters. Also, you can save the $5 late fee if you preregister.

Also, if you have preregistered and then do not show up without letting us know in advance, you will be charged late fees unless you prepay in the future.

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Late Arrivals

If you are going to be late to the tournament then you need to call either Garry or Don and let one of us know. If you are there after takeoff, then you MUST find one of us on the water BEFORE you do any fishing. We will then need to check your livewells, collect the tournament fees, have you sign the liability sheet, and then go over the tournament briefing with you.

And you are subject to a $5 late fee.

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How is the Division Angler of the Year determined?

The Division Angler of the Year is determined in a similar manner as the ABA National Angler of the Year. That is, your best 4 1-day tournaments and your best 2-day tournament. But only your best 4 Division 2 1-day tournaments and the Division 2-day count toward the Division Angler of the Year award. And to be eligible for the award, you need to fish at least 4 1-day and the 2-day tournaments in Division 2.

Points are given determined on your placing in the tournaments. The points schedule is the same as the National ABA points schedule. Points are awarded based on 200 points for the 1-day and 400 points for the 2-day. The following table shows how the points are allocated. Like the national points schedule, you receive show points if you fish but do not weigh-in any fish.

Place 1 Day Points 2-Day Points
1 200 400
2 199 398
3 198 396
... 1 point less each place 2 points less each place
Show 50 100

Ties are broken using the same process as the national tie breaker.

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Why do you need my SSN when I join the ABA?

The ABA national office needs to report tournament winnings to the IRS. That is why your social security number (SSN) is needed when you register with the ABA. If you do not provide your SSN on your membership application then you will not be permitted to fish in the tournaments. And not doing so will also not let you accumulate national points. This also creates a problem for other anglers in the tournaments where the proper points are not be given out.

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What about the regional format for 2007?

Due to the large growth in membership in the ABA, the national office has decided that starting with the 2007 season that regional tournaments will be held. The top qualifiers in each region will compete in a regional tournament with the top finishers then advancing to the national championship. Division 2 is in Region 4 and the regional tournament will be held on September 15 and 16, 2007. The location for the regional is to be determined but is among such sites are Champlain (NY), Potomac (MD/DC/VA), and Kerr (VA/NC). All of these are great fisheries and are much closer than previous ABA national sites.

Details on the regions and format were printed in the March/April 2006 ABA magazine. More details will be announced on the ABA national site within the coming months.

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